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After 28 years of self-employment, I finally decided to bite the bullet and invest in Income Protection Insurance.  I had heard Katrina speak eloquently on the benefits of this type of insurance, so naturally she was my “go to” person. I found Katrina to be personable, clear in her explanation of the insurance and honest in her dealings. I was certain this insurance would require a big chunk of my monthly expenditure, but Katrina offered me a couple of options and both were really affordable. She also suggested I take out a lump sum insurance policy for added protection.

Thanks Katrina, I now feel secure knowing that if something happens to my health, my family can still pay the bills.

– Lucia Van Gerwen

“Dear Katrina,

I wanted to express my special thanks to you for your incredible patience and really caring attention to my financial needs. While I know I’ve had a few moments of worry over the past 12 months, I truly felt that I was being looked after with honesty, expertise, and very special consideration and care with the details. I especially appreciated you going the extra mile for me knowing that it meant a good deal more paperwork at your end. I feel extremely comfortable and safe with my investment portfolio in your hands. These are the things that truly do matter to me. With most sincere thanks!”

– Diana Santamaria

I have used Leading Advice company for my wife and my own personal and life insurance. They have saved me a lot on my premium and receiving more benefits just in case something happened to us.

We are now feeling secure with Leading Advice. Speciality advice and good customer care which we are receiving from Katrina Henry Haskew . Thank you.

 – Aragats Ghookassian

“As someone lacking a head for figures, I have always found financial matters ( including my own ) somewhat intimidating. However, since handing over my portfolio to Gerard Haskew of Leading Advice, things have improved markedly. He has managed to increase my age-pension entitlement, and at the same time improve my cash flow. Importantly for my peace of mind, he has also simplified my financial arrangements so that I have a better grasp of my retirement planning.

Gerard maintains regular contact, and is always flexible and obliging (arranging home visits, or a meeting place to suit me, the client). His thoughtful manner and general helpfulness is reflected in the attitude of the office staff, making it a pleasure to deal with this company.”

– Billie Dyer